DC laser hair removal at MyFaceMySmile is safely effective

January 4, 2016

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DC laser hair removalLaser hair removal from MyFaceMySmile in DC safely and effectively leaves skin smooth and hair-free. Learn about how the Soprano ICE laser works.

Shaving, depilatories, heated needles–they can be uncomfortable and, frankly, damaging to sensitive skin. Dr. Shakrokh Soltani and his staff deliver laser hair removal in their Washington, DC office; the treatment is permanent and comfortable. Using the Soprano ICE laser, these highly trained professionals at MyFaceMySmile help people of all genders, ethnicities and ages achieve the silky smooth, hair-free skin they have always wanted.

How does Washington, DC laser hair removal work?

The Soprano ICE laser is fast and painless. It uses a gradual heat to hair follicles–allowing them to just fall out of the skin. Although the instrument applies concentrated light, the treatment essentially feels cold to the patient. The machine targets the pigment in each hair follicle, treating the following areas very quickly:

  • upper lip
  • shoulders
  • chest
  • bikini line
  • legs
  • arm pits
  • eyebrows
  • ears
  • chin

Perfect for the darkest to the fairest hair, this FDA-approved system causes no burns or scarring. With each session, the Soprano ICE laser precisely targets the 20 percent of total body hair that is in its active growth cycle. Because not all hair is at the same place in the growth cycle, people need multiple DC laser hair removal  treatments to arrive at that totally smooth, hairless condition. Basically, men need about 3 treatments while women may need as many as 6.

The DC laser hair removal procedure

Dr. Soltani and his staff perform this aesthetic treatment right in the MyFaceMySmile office. First,  the technician dons protective eyewear and has the patient wear it, too. Then, she applies a special gel and shaves the area to be treated. She runs the applicator gently over the skin. Application lasts about 60 seconds. The patient notices a very subtle heat sensation but nothing more. After a few minutes, the gel is removed, and the individual can resume his or her normal daily activities.

Unlike traditional electrolysis, the Soprano ICE laser involves no needles, electrical charges or difficult discomforts of any kind–either before or after the treatments. Patients return to MyFaceMySmile as instructed for further treatments to  target all the hair through its growth cycle.

If minor redness develops, the individual may apply ice packs as needed. Also, sunscreen protects the skin while the treated areas are healing.  When all the treatments are done, the individual enjoys permanently smooth and beautiful skin.

Find out more

Join the thousands of people all over the country who have beautifully smooth skin because of the Soprano Ice Laser system. Contact MyFaceMySmile in DC for your laser hair removal consultation.

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