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February 4, 2016

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Washington, DC dentistWanting to whiten a yellowed smile? Your Washington, DC dentist at MyFaceMySmile brightens  enamel more effectively and safely than store-bought methods.


You are interested in teeth whitening. Should you choose over the counter strips, trays or rinses? Are they safe? Do they work? Patients achieve the whitest and healthiest smiles through professional teeth whitening from Washington, DC cosmetic dentist, Dr. Shakrokh Soltani.

How do teeth get stained?

Professionals at the renowned Cleveland Clinic say that common enamel-stainers are:

  • food and drinks that are darkly pigmented–red wine and curry, for example
  • cigarette smoking and chewing tobacco
  • poor oral hygiene, leaving food residues, plaque and tartar on tooth surfaces and in interdental spaces

Aging, injury and some medications and health conditions produce more stubborn, or intrinsic, stains that don’t respond well to teeth whitening.

Why get Washington, DC teeth whitening?

Over the counter whitening products are good as far as they go. Toothpastes, rinses, and gels contain the common bleaching agent, hydrogen (or carbamide) peroxide. This active ingredient targets the organic material caught in the mineral matrix dentists call tooth enamel. Because store bought products are not as concentrated as the products dentists use, teeth do not whiten well, nor do they stay bright for extended periods of time.

The biggest problem with these whitening treatments is lack of supervision. Bleaching agents, incorrectly applied, easily irritate gums and the other soft tissues of the mouth. Residual sensitivity results, leaving individuals with teeth and gums that complain about temperature extremes or that simply hurt.

Why you must see a Washington, DC cosmetic dentist

People interested in teeth whitening should visit MyFaceMySmile for a cosmetic smile analysis by Dr. Shakrokh Soltani. Dr. Soltani is passionate about healthy smiles that project a confident self-image in teens and adults.

The team at MyFaceMySmile offer many cosmetic dental services. Chosen singly, or in combination, these treatments produce outstanding, natural-looking smiles. Washington, DC teeth whitening is a quick and economical way to refurbish dull, yellowed, stained tooth enamel.

Two whitening options

In-office teeth whitening uses powerful hydrogen peroxide gel swabbed onto tooth surfaces. The dentist takes measures to protect lips, tongue and gums so no sensitivity results. The patient sits comfortably in the dental chair while the product seeps into tooth enamel.  After about an hour, the gel is removed, and the patient sees a smile brighter by about 8 shades in color.

At-home whitening is supervised professionally. Dr. Soltani creates custom-fitted whitening trays for home use and instructs the patient in:

  • how to fill the trays with the peroxide gel
  • how to apply the snugly-fitting trays
  • how long to wear them each day for 1 to 2 weeks

While at-home whitening is more gradual, the results are the same–dramatically brighter teeth with no adverse side effects. Plus, with either method, bright smiles last indefinitely, especially when patients watch their diets, brush, floss, get cleanings at MyFaceMySmile and stop smoking.

Can we help your smile?

The answer is yes! Contact Dr. Soltanis cordial staff for a smile consultation. Learn if professional teeth whitening is an option for your best smile.

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