Laser Hair Removal in Washington, DC

Are you sick of unwanted hair popping up on your face again and again? Razors, electrolysis, and waxing are available, but these solutions need to be repeated over and over again, keeping you from other, more worthwhile activities you could be doing in that time. At My Face My Smile, we offer a comprehensive treatment that can give you permanent hair reduction in half the time of more traditional options – no discomfort or irritation required!

The Soprano ICE Laser

Dr. Shakrokh Soltani is fully dedicated to providing only the latest in aesthetic technology here at his Washington, D.C. office. That includes the Soprano ICE laser, which is the hair removal system of the 21st century. Unlike electrolysis procedures that use invasive, uncomfortable needles and electric charges, our applicator simply heats the skin at a gradual pace until the required amount of energy has been delivered to each follicle of hair. The Soprano ICE system works on all skin types (even suntans), and after just a few treatments (depending on the location of the hair and its thickness), you’ll be able to enjoy a dramatically reduced amount of unsightly hair and much smoother, more beautiful skin.

Schedule Your Laser Hair Removal Consultation

We can’t wait to help to help you achieve the look of your dreams here at My Face My Smile. Contact our Washington, D.C. office today if you have any questions about our wide variety of dental and aesthetic services, or if you’re ready to schedule your first appointment. Dr. Soltani and his staff are fully committed to providing attention that’s as skilled, advanced, and comfortable as possible so that you can have an ideal experience every time you come in for treatment.