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Oral surgery is sometimes necessary for people with severe dental issues. If you find such treatment is the only way to provide long-lasting relief from pain and further damage, trust the experience of Dr. Shahrokh Soltani and his staff at My Face, My Smile. He offers expert oral surgery at My Face, My Smile in Arlington, VA using the latest tools and techniques in a comforting, family-friendly atmosphere. Call his office for a smooth, comfortable process, or make an appointment using the online booking agent today.

Oral Surgery Q & A

When Might I Need Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery may be required if you have impacted teeth, especially wisdom teeth, or severely decayed teeth that require extraction.

If you suffer from TMJ or severe gum disease, Dr. Soltani might recommend oral surgery for these cases as well. He also performs cosmetic alterations, including implants.

What are the Sedation Options for Oral Surgery?

The office of My Face, My Smile has cozy amenities and oral sedation to keep you as comfortable as possible. The staff does everything possible to ease any concern or anxiety you may have before your appointment.

Why Would My Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

Your wisdom teeth are a set of molars that are the last to develop. Most patients’ wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to fit in your mouth, and they must be removed to prevent crowding.

Even if there’s enough room for the teeth to come in, they often grow in crooked or misaligned. Sometimes, the wisdom teeth get stuck under the gum line in a condition known as impaction. Impacted teeth can cause swelling, abscesses, and pain.

In any of these cases, surgical removal of the wisdom teeth is the best option to prevent complications or a compromise of your other teeth. Wisdom teeth are the most commonly impacted, but occasionally other teeth can also become impacted and need to be surgically removed.

How Does Surgery Help Correct Missing Teeth?

If you’ve lost a tooth due to decay or an accident, Dr. Soltani may recommend an implant. In these instances, a metal post is surgically implanted into your bone to mimic a tooth root.

Once the bone heals around this post, he places a crown over it to restore the look and feel of a natural tooth.

How Does Oral Surgery Help TMJ?

TMJ manifests as dysfunction of the small joint in front of the ear that connects the skull and lower jaw. You may experience headaches and facial pain as a result of TMJ. If Dr. Soltani determines that your TMJ is caused by an actual irregularity of the joint, he may recommend surgery to correct it.

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