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Root canals offer a way to save badly decayed teeth that risk having to be extracted. While the procedure has a reputation for being painful, it’s a safe and comfortable way to ease the discomfort and complications of compromised teeth. At My Face, My Smile, expert cosmetic dentist, Dr. Shahrokh Soltani makes every effort to keep you comfortable during a root canal treatment. If you live in the area of Arlington, VA and believe a root canal is in your future, contact the office or use the online booking agent to make an appointment today.

Root Canal Treatment Q & A

What is a Root Canal?

During a root canal, Dr. Soltani drills a hole in the affected tooth and removes all the diseased pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves, so when it becomes infected, it’s particularly painful.

After removing the infected pulp, Dr. Soltani thoroughly cleans the area to discourage further development of bacteria. He fills it with a biocompatible material and then seals the area to prevent future infection.

He then covers a root canal with a custom-made crown to protect the restored tooth. This gives it a natural look and feel.

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

Dr. Soltani might recommend a root canal when the soft tissue inside the root is inflamed or infected. That can happen due to decay, a crack or chip in the tooth, or injury.

How Do I Know if I Should Seek a Consultation for a Root Canal?

Contact Dr. Soltani if you experience symptoms that suggest decay. These include:

  • Pain
  • Sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Swelling and tenderness in the nearby gums and bone
  • Tenderness during chewing or brushing

A tooth that requires a root canal doesn’t always have outward symptoms, however. That's why it’s important to keep up with regular dental cleanings and checkups.

What Happens if I Don’t Treat a Tooth That Needs a Root Canal?

A root canal is often the only way to save a severely damaged or decayed tooth. If it is left untreated, you could experience extreme pain, swelling, or you may even develop an abscess.

Is a Root Canal Painful?

At My Face, My Smile, the dental team makes every effort to ensure your comfort. The root canal procedure alleviates pain associated with a compromised tooth. You’re numb throughout the procedure, so you feel no pain.

Following the root canal, you may experience some soreness and sensitivity in the treated area. Over-the-counter pain medications, and sometimes prescription pain relief, alleviates this discomfort.

How Do I Care For a Tooth That’s Undergone a Root Canal?

You care for a tooth that’s had a root canal just as you do any of your natural teeth. Twice daily brushing, flossing, and regular professional cleanings and checkups ensure your root canal can last a lifetime.

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